About the Show

“We Will Rock You”

This years production is under way, thank you to all who attended the meetings earlier this week.

A big welcome to those who have given their names and email addresses and are going to help out with this years production.

It’s not too late to volunteer, if you wish to help out in any way by volunteering or sponsoring this years production please email: musical@cbcmonkstown.ie And we will be in touch with you


Galileo (Male)

A misfit who keeps hearing strange voices and songs in his head which deliver messages he can’t understand, Galileo won’t dress like a Ga Ga kid and has been caught trying to make music.

Scaramouche (Female)

Another misfit, who also gets into trouble with the Secret Police, Scaramouche meets Galileo in the hospital and they run away together. Her sharp wit keeps Galileo on his toes and gradually they fall for each other.

Killer Queen (Female)

Killer Queen is a ruthless businesswoman and is in charge of Global Soft, the worldwide corporation which is responsible for the suppression of all live music. She’s power crazy and tough as well as beautiful.

Khashoggi (Male or Female)

He/She works for Killer Queen, getting rid of any creative musical thoughts and going after the Bohemians. Wears sunglasses at all times.

Buddy (Male)

Buddy is an old librarian and comic hippy who has studied the sacred musical texts to the extent that even the Seven Seas of Rhye cannot entirely erase them from his mind. Note: Buddy does not sing any solo songs.

Oz (Female) and Brit (Male)

Two of the Bohemians who are intent on discovering the secrets of live music and who believe that someone will come who will show the Bohemians the way. When they find Scaramouche and Galileo they are unsure at first but are eventually persuaded that Galileo really does have strange musical lyrics in his head over which he has no control.

Secret Police (Male and/or Female)

These semi-automated characters carry out the bidding of the Killer Queen and Khashoggi.

Ga Ga Kids / Teen Queens (Male and Female)

Living in a world of consumerism and downloadable music, the Ga Ga Kids don’t notice their own soulless-ness.

The Bohemians (Male and Female)

A group of rebels, determined to fight against Global Soft and its downloadable music. Their base is Tottenham Court Road Tube station and they have taken the names of musical heroes from the past, such as Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard, and Britney Spears.

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