About the Show


Working late in a London nightclub, ‘Disco Inferno’, Jack meets Lady Marmalade – a femme fatale – the Devil’s right hand lady. Dreaming of becoming successful, he makes a Faustian pact with her, trading his soul to fulfil his wildest fantasies. Sound like an ideal bargain? Think again…

Jack soon becomes an international success… a sensation – even making an appearance on ‘Top of the Pops’ – but this success proves hollow. Jack has the fame and fortune he’d always dreamed of but is losing his devoted girlfriend, Jane… one disaster follows another. If only he could turn back time. If only he could make one more trade, trading all he now has for something far more important… the love of his life.

This highly acclaimed musical combines a hilarious script, fantastic characters and an electrifying score of hits from an unforgettable era of glitter, flares and platform shoes. Disco Inferno is a high energy musical guaranteed to warm hearts, get feet tapping and audiences leaving the auditorium with a daft grin of pleasure and the fondest memories of a sensational era


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