Bohemian Costumes – Rockers

INDIVIDUAL LOOK: Colourful, Layers, Ripped, denim, leather, belts, bandanas, scarves (anywhere), jewellery, mad hair and lots of make up ·Tops: Bodices, tee shirts (colours, layers, heavy metal bands), bodysuits, lace, denim/leather jackets, waistcoats… ·Bottoms: Jeans (ripped, designs), leather, kilts, mini-skirts, shorts, tights, tartan pants, combats… ·With these be creative/personalise – add buttons, badges, ink designs, sew on (or wondaweb) labels, patches + designs ·Shoes: doc martins, vans, boots, heels, canvas (own designs, sprayed) ·Accessories: layers of jewellery, scarves (legs, arm, neck, hair), collars (neck, arms, legs), gloves, temporary tattoos, spray paint, hats ·Hair: Mad – spiked, back combed, gelled up, pony tail layers, braids, temp spray dye, extensions, ribbons ·Make up – dark, heavy, lots of colour, lots of eyeshadow, liner and blush


·Use what you have at home or borrow

·Be creative – lots of websites to google re designs and make up. Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Tik Tok great for ideas.

·If you need to buy anything extra try charity shops (old looking clothes more authentic, it’s cheaper, you’re recycling and money goes to a good cause)

·Plan with your friends but please have a different look – this is all about being an individual.

·After mid-term you will be called in for a costume fitting in small groups so we can see what you have so far.